IQ Tour Nano

Building On A Legacy.

There’s a reason the IQ series balls have been some of the most dominant and best-selling balls ever — they strike the perfect balance between raw power, control and predictability. Building on that remarkable legacy, we’ve created the IQ™ Tour Nano. Matching up the IQ’s legendary, high-revving C3™ Centripetal Control Core with our ultra-aggressive NRG™ solid reactive coverstock, we’ve developed a ball that will shred through the heaviest of oil conditions.

This is the ball you pull from your arsenal when you want strong mid-lane motion on lanes with very heavy oil. The exclusive nanotechnology of the NRG coverstock creates unprecedented traction through microscopic peaks and valleys that dig in and push through heavy oil to deliver the predictability and power that defines the entire IQ lineup.

Prepped to a 4000-grit surface, the IQ Tour Nano easily clears the front of the lane and bites in at just the right moment to deliver a high entry-angle and powerful drive through the pins.